EPIC Therapeutic Approach

4KIDS developed a unique, EPIC Therapeutic Approach to bring more children and families into hope-filled healing by addressing the Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, and Character (EPIC) based needs of kids.

Children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or abandonment often struggle with the pain from their past. These struggles can look like behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, issues with attachment, and more. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or any kind of caregiver to a child who has been exposed to trauma, navigating these past hurts and present difficulties, can be overwhelming.

4KIDS designed the EPIC Therapeutic Approach to meet the needs of anyone trying to better connect with their kids. It was also created with the desire to bring licensed, masters-level therapists to the kids and families who need it the most.

The 4KIDS EPIC Therapeutic Approach consists of three major components: training, therapy, and EPIC camp, all uniquely culminating to transform lives.