EPIC Tip: Parenting For Teens Who Were Parentified
Many children who come from hard places were often "parentified" by their families. Understanding that the child you are caring for has experienced increased emotional, mental, and physical responsibilities for someone their age, can help you grow in encouraging them to embrace their true role as a child.

EPIC Tip: Promoting Resiliency
In this EPIC Tip, Meiby Nodarse, MHC/MFT, explains the importance of using a strengths-based lens and using Protective Factors to encourage success for a child's future despite a challenging past.

EPIC Tip: When to Ask for Help with Mental Health
In this EPIC Tip, Terri Galindo, LCSW & LMFT, goes through the questions to ask and observations to make when determining if your child is struggling with their mental health.

EPIC Tip: Aging Out of Foster Care
Turning 18 can bring a wide range of emotions. Listen as Ken Lacey, 4KIDS Transitional Independent Living Director, explains what causes these feelings and how to help in such a pivotal transitional phase for children in foster care as they age out.

EPIC Testimonial: Casey Cleveland

EPIC Tip: The Need Behind The Behavior
In this EPIC Tip Video Pamela Souza, MS, explains that children that have been in hard places oftentimes have a hard time trusting. This is why understanding their needs behind a behavior in important. Listen to hear some important steps on how to figure out what an action or reaction may mean to a child.

EPIC Tip: Why Take EPIC Training

EPIC Tip: Loss of Bio Parent to Addiction
Betsy Godoy-Rosado, LCSW, talks about how to navigate the difficulties that come when a foster or adoptive child loses a biological parent to addiction.

EPIC Tip: The Importance of Play
Listen as Meiby Nodarse, MHC/MFT, explains how allowing your child to play freely can help them to express emotions that may be challenging to express otherwise.

EPIC Tip: Coping With The Grief of Foster Care Transitions
Saying goodbye to a child that you have cared for as your own can be tough. Here are some ways to cope with the grief that comes with foster care transitions.

EPIC Tip: How To Love Foster/Adoptive Children
Learn why identifying your own adult attachment style is important in order to best love kids from hard places, and get three tips on how to actively show love.

EPIC Tip: Understanding Teenagers
Learn ways that you can build trust with adolescents and support them as they transition into adulthood.

EPIC Tip: Connection Before Correction
Learn strategies that can strengthen your relationship with your child in a moment of discipline.

EPIC Tip: Infant Mental Health
Understand the importance of early interventions and monitoring a child's development through a trauma-informed lens, in order to prevent later mental health concerns.

EPIC Tip: Food Sensitivities
Learn about how to get to the root cause of a child's overeating, undereating, aversion to certain foods, and other food sensitivities.

EPIC Tip: Setting Expectations
When setting expectations for children that have dealt with trauma, it's important to remember their past, understand their triggers, and know what they have been through in the last 24 hours.

EPIC Tip: Navigating Transitions
Ode leads us through practical scenarios on how creating plans together with our kids can alleviate the negative reactions that often surround transitions.

EPIC Tip: Navigating Discipline
Listen as Holly explains three principles for navigating discipline, while keeping a strong, loving relationship with the child at the core.