Steps to Foster

Overview of Process

  1. The first step is to pray about becoming a foster parent. Is God calling you to foster? Opening your hearts and your home to children in foster care is something every family should thoughtfully and prayerfully consider. If you have more specific questions, reach out to 4KIDS!

  2. Attending Orientation and completing your Family Profile Paperwork is the second step in the process. Orientation allows you to become familiar with 4KIDS and give you an overview of what fostering entails. During this time, you will also be able to get answers to questions about the licensing process and how to begin moving forward.

  3. Prospective foster parents are required by the State of Florida to take a foster parent training course called CARE. These classes are hosted by our 4KIDS team at various days and times throughout the year and prepare you to open your home.

  4. The licensing process includes home visits, background checks and other important steps to become a state-licensed foster family. Our 4KIDS Foster Care team members will guide you through this journey and prepare you and your family to care for kids!